Thursday, February 25, 2010

Updated Photos and Information.

Given that our intial information was over a year old, I was eager to get some new photos and updated stats on our boy so I contacted Adele at Blessed Kids and coordinated these items. Our update and pictures were delivered very quickly and I was thrilled to see our sweet boy. My heart ached to hold him but I was comforted to see that he looked good.
We were told that
  • He weighs 21ibs & 9 oz. and is 29 1/2 inches tall.
  • He is described as a quiet child who is afraid of strangers. (oh my, we might be in for a wild ride when he sees us for the first time)
  • He loves food very much. (good thing since he has a mama that loves to cook)
  • His most favorite thing he likes to do is have snacks. (I can provide plenty of those)
  • His health is good and he has recovered well from his surgery. (YAY, God is so good and has been taking care of him all along. His cleft repair looks fantastic and from the information we've been given it appears as though his palate was uneffected.)
  • He can walk all over the place. However he is not willing to go to places that he is not familiar with. (I know that I am going to be on my knees asking God to prepare this little boy for the day when this strange woman and man will take him away from all that he has ever known and emerse him into some of the most unfamiliar places. I already hurt for his little heart as I know he will grieve with a sadness that I have never known. May God prepare me to know how to meet all of his needs)

I was thrilled to see his darling face in these photo's but my longing for him has now increased as I see how much he is changing and we are missing all those special moments. These photo's are my motivation to move as fast as I can in getting this paperwork completed.

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