Friday, April 16, 2010

A Room for Our Brown eyed Boy

Oh how I wish that I had some wonderfully exciting news to share. Like we were DTC but alas we are still awaiting our request for fingerprinting. Our I-800 was FINALLY filed last week and I am told that it can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks before we are called for fingerprinting and then it can be another 3-6 weeks before we receive our USCIS Approval. For all of you non-adoption folks, this is a very important piece of paper that says your family is approved by the United States Immigration Department to adopt a child. (I am hoping that the recent events concerning the Russian adoption don't mean longer waits for this document) Anyway, we are not having a hard time passing the time as life is beyond busy as I have been overwhelmed with trying to catch the kids up with their schooling coupled with day to day activities of taking care of a house, husband and 3 kids. Despite the busyness I have found that I have no problem brainstorming and planning a special place in our house for our newest member.

When we purchase our home 2 years ago, I was convinced it was absolutely perfect for our family. It was a far cry from living in a high rise condo with 3 kids and while I still think many aspects of the house plan are perfect there are a few things that I have discovered are less than ideal. For example, we have 3 floors and only 2 bedrooms on each of the floors. I would absolutely love to have all the kiddos and their playroom on the same floor but that isn't possible without a major renovation of this house. I really dislike having the kids (and their stuff) scattered from one end of the house to the other but we can't do a renovation right now and we aren't even sure it would ever be possible therefore my wheels have been turning about where to put our brown-eyed boy. We currently have a room that is on the main level of our house and close to our master bedroom that is being used as a school/playroom. We decided that since we aren't going to be homeschooling next year we could transform this room into our little guys room. However, I am in a bit of a dilemma. I have a beautiful Pot*ttery Ba*rn type entertainment unit that my daddy made for the kids that will stay in this room and I love the cornice over the window which is black and taupe colored. I would love to keep the cornice but am having a hard time finding bedding that is suitable for a little boys room that matches. Also, I want to mix some furniture as I wouldn't want white furniture for a boys room. Sooooo here are a few of my ideas. I would love love some input on what you think.

Here is our school/playroom currently. (Lighting was super bad for the photo)
This is the bed from Pot*tery Ba*rn that I love in the espresso finish. Hopefully they won't discontinue the Tho*mas Furn*iture and I could get additional pieces when we are able to move him to another room.And I absolutely love this bedding. My favorite!

Found this picture online and love the layout of the room with the shelves. Thought it might work well with our room by putting the bed up against the wall across from the entertainment unit. I also like the idea of putting a trunk or chest at the end of the bed for toys and stuff.
Not my favorite but kind of liked the "western theme" Thought the black bed was nice but I am afraid that I may get tired of the black over time. Would have to do quite a bit of searching for fabric for the bedding however accessories would be easy as we have tons of western stuff out here.
This was my least favorite but again thinking that accessories for a fishing type room would be really easy.
We also love golf and I have looked at some golf themed bedrooms....nothing jumps out at me as super cute so if you have any ideas or links for those types of room please share.