Friday, May 28, 2010

While we wait....Fingerprinting Day

I haven't posted in a while simply because we have been lying in wait. Something that I do not like at all. This process seems to be taking so very long and I miss my little brown-eyed boy. The hardest part about this leg of the wait is that I have had nothing on my list of things to do which makes it all seem less than real. In fact there are times that it seems like a faint dream that I have a son in China. I think about him every day but the hope of having him in my arms is so far in the distance that I have to really work hard at thinking about him being a part of our family. It is my great hope that we will have him with us for Christmas but I just can't get my hopes up and if the first part of this process is any indication of wait times, we may be spending another holiday without our boy....triple UGH! BUT, I will remain faithful and keep my hope steadfast that in God's timing our little guy will be home with us.

We did make some progress though and had our USCIS Fingerprinting appt. last week. We were so excited to finally be able to DO something so we loaded up the gang and headed to the Immigration Office. The whole appt. was lightening fast, we arrived at 8:00 am and were done by 8:20....AMAZING! Our fingerprinting for Emily took us at least 3 hours. Well, given that things went so fast, foiled our plans of doing something special for Cody's birthday because it was so early in the morning so we hit Bass Pro Shop which was a treat in and of itself. We are not hunters, fisherman, we do not like camping or really anything outdoorsy. An occasional day hike is the extent of our outdoor activity. I guess you could call us "city folk" but this was such a treat for everyone. Knowing that a post isn't complete without a few photo's I just had to post a few shots of our excursion to commemorate fingerprinting day.

Now this is as close as we will ever get to a moose.
I think I just might have some hunters in my family after all.....but the guns just have to be pink.

"Emily get your gun"

Yee Haw!